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Spring is the Worst: Top 7 Reasons to Hate Spring if You’re in PR

Last week marked the first day of spring. I don’t know where you’re sitting, but it’s still cold where I’m at. Spring is just the worst. Not only the weather, but spring is when you suddenly realize that you’re officially out of holiday excuses (I drank too much and forgot, etc.) and you have to get your act together and start producing something as the first quarter is almost over. Spring whips you, beats you and makes you realize you’re quite behind on everything. And to top it all off, it’s still so, so cold.

Here are my top 7 reasons why spring is just the worst:

7) James Beard announces their nominees and you forgot to congratulate anyone you might remotely know on the list.

6) You waited too long to get the discounted hotel price for the Aspen Classic and now you either pay an exorbitant amount or hole up in the dinky next town. 

5) Somewhere between fall of last year and now, bloggers started charging an arm and a leg for sponsored posts. And there goes my budget for the rest of the year…

4)  Last week, the Google doc of wine events taking place in New York was empty. This week, events are overlapping, trying to cram everything in before EU funding runs out. 

3) The pitch that you promised your client about summer barbequing with cocktails should have gone out to long lead publications last week. You’ll never make it in to Real Simple now. 

2) So far, not one of your cocktail predictions is coming true.

1) The top three wine publications in the U.S. just sent out invites to their spring consumer tastings. They all take place in the same week.

Only 86 more days until summer.


About Rebekah Polster:

With more than 10 years of experience in marketing and public relations, Rebekah serves as an account supervisor in PadillaCRT's New York office. Since joining PadillaCRT in spring 2012, Rebekah has and continues to work on accounts in both the Food & Beverage and Consumer Practices. Rebekah’s diverse background in public relations, marketing, event planning and account management has been tapped for overseeing major media, trade and consumer events, including day-of events and guerilla marketing, as well as small intimate tastings and media meetings.

7 Comments on “Spring is the Worst: Top 7 Reasons to Hate Spring if You’re in PR

  1.  by  Jamie H

    Not all bloggers charge an arm and a leg for sponsored posts. Time to start looking at different bloggers! Yes, large bloggers with huge outreach will charge more, but there’s something to be said about those that are not as large, that charge less, and will give you more personalized attention because they don’t get pitched on a daily basis.

    •  by  Rebekah Polster

      Agreed! There are definitely writers who are just right for specific brands. And coming from an industry where paid content hadn’t existed just a couple of years ago, sometimes it’s hard for us to wrap our heads around it. Thanks for reading!

      •  by  Jamie H

        Thanks for changing the GIF that goes along with that point. I was a little offended at first but now I get it. How companies advertise has definitely changed over the past few years as social media has influenced people’s purchases. I imagine that budgeting also has to change and it’s a lot harder!

  2.  by  Elizabeth Towns

    Isn’t it great that the same reasons to hate spring are the ones we love it so much too? As a small blogger, it’s the time that I realize I don’t have enough sponsored posts scheduled to fill a thimble and I need to pitch bigger companies and advertisers that may or may not think my audience is big enough to warrant their budgeting effort. I look around at my ever growing kids, my goals and my pitch list and groan. Ugh, Spring – and it is yet cold!

  3.  by  Rachael Seda

    This is hilarious! Thanks for a great comedic relief and post!

  4.  by  Michael

    Made me laugh! Take heart. Relief is on the way (to the extent possible for one who still has to work…).

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