Serious About STE(A)M

CaptureManufacturers in all industries face a potentially paralyzing reality: 600,000 unfilled jobs by 2025. These jobs require education and training in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). What’s more, according to SME Education Foundation, 69 percent of companies believe the shortage of skilled workers will get even worse.

So why the drastic deficit? Retiring baby boomers make up part of the decline. But the disheartening reason is that too few young people are entering skilled trade and degreed STEM fields. Why? Because we, the parents, have told them that manufacturing is manual, dirty and dangerous work. How wrong we are! Today’s manufacturing facilities contain some of the most highly technical and innovative technology found anywhere.

To help improve the image of manufacturing and educate young people about exciting careers in the field, companies are taking action. They’re partnering with educational institutions, and providing the money and equipment required to train students. They’re welcoming young people – and their parents – into their plants to show off the clean and high-tech environments. They’re training their own employees on the latest technology used to manufacture goods, large and small. They’re working with organizations like…


What’s Driving Technology in Health Care? A Look at How Digital is Changing the Patient Experience

It’s undeniable we are in the midst of a national discussion about patients taking charge of their health and how health care providers can become more resourceful. There’s a clear call for health care to improve how providers manage their patients, practices and day-to-day medicine. And, there’s a distinct parallel with technology innovations that offer convenience, flexibility, efficiency and engagement with health care providers.

Patients want to be in control of their needs. Patients want to diagnose their illness, manage their condition and select a health care provider based on what’s important to them. To help understand some of the challenges and opportunities facing our clients, here’s a look at the latest technological developments that are changing the way we market health care and gain loyalty from physicians, patients, and providers.

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Virtual Visits

Recently, we discussed why it’s not necessary to complicate the patient experience – it’s a lot like the consumer experience. Patients want access, affordability, and personalized service, so it’s no surprise that smartphones, social media and online retailers are shaping consumer expectations when it comes to their health care experience. From a patient’s perspective, a health

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Making Trade Shows and Event Sponsorships Work for You (Part 1)

If you’ve worked in wine & spirits for more than 90 days, you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of plonk out there when it comes to events, “food and wine festivals” and even trade shows. There’s no shortage of suspect events clamoring for your marketing dollars and 20-case wine donation. While there are some that have knocked my socks off, I must admit that quality events (by quality I mean those that result in discernible sales or great networking opportunities for a wine brand) are few and far between. And know that the worthy ones are not necessarily in the obvious places! Never underestimate the power of the Florida Panhandle Food & Wine Extravaganza (note: not a real event).


Image Credit: CPGhotels.com

Sponsorship managers can be an aggressive bunch – as they should be. At any given moment, there’s a deluge of sponsorship decks in my inbox, with all manner of pricey packages to pick from. The requests for “in-kind” wine donations can feel like an avalanche too.  Participating in these events is mentally and financially costly. They’re labor intensive and require a huge amount of detail if they are…

Digital Marketing

Social Media Week: 5 Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss


Pinterest, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Refinery29… even The New York Times joined Social Media Week this month to discuss the latest and greatest in the industry. Lucky for you, there’s no need to sit through a week or even a session. Keep reading for a handful of overarching takeaways. Caution: you may even want to share them.


Source: Refinery29

This shouldn’t surprise you. Noted by Facebook’s Michelle Klein in her session, “90% of the information processed by your brain is visual.” So next time you spend the bulk of the time on your social caption, consider spending it on your visual, video, or GIF. It matters more than ever.


By no means am I saying to abandon Snapchat. Not at all. What I’m noting is the general conversation at Social Media Week was not dominated by Snapchat and brands jumping on the platform. The bulk of the conversation around Snapchat was on how marketers were weary to invest heavy advertising spend on the platform since there’s still a ways to go in terms of quantifying results.

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Behind Every Name is a Promise


Starting today, PadillaCRT is now Padilla.

Back in the day, Padilla and Speer acquired Brum and Anderson to create Padilla Speer Beardsley.  And then Carter Ryley Thomas bought Patrice Tanaka and Company to create CRT/tanaka.  Then Padilla Speer Beardsley bought CRT/tanaka to create PadillaCRT.

So, for many of us, going to straight-up Padilla is a bit of a relief!


Padilla SpeerA name change like this might seem like a big yawn to some given all we did was drop the “CRT,” but there’s a lot more to it than that. There’s the practical matter of changing the company logo, letterhead, emails, social media handles, etc. (By the way, it’s now PadillaCo.com for email addresses and the website and @Padilla_Comm on social media). But there’s also an opportunity for us to take stock of what the name Padilla will mean to our employee-owners, our clients and our community partners.

Because we all know that for every organization, it’s not just a name — it’s a promise.

And our…