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3 Tips for Building Relationships with Freelancers

The traditional media landscape has decreased over the last few years and the trend shows no signs of slowing. In 2015, the number of journalists in the newspaper industry declined 38 percent, leaving employed journalists doing more with less resources and making it increasingly difficult to place stories in media outlets.

The newsroom shrinkage is driving a growing pool of unemployed writing talent.  A sizeable number of journalists are either unemployed, under-employed or working in a different field. Many have turned to freelancer and contributor roles. In 2017, PR professionals see expanded use of freelancers (or contributors) within media outlets. Establishing working relationships with freelancers is imperative for story placement.

Here are three tips to help build a solid relationship with a freelancer:

  • As a freelancer, writers are focused on building their portfolio, proving experience and viability across a variety of formats (digital, magazine, newspaper) and genres (news, lifestyle, feature). They are actively networking and looking to build connections that can lead to future work. Reach out to freelancers with information about events that are open to the media and where they might meet editors and make
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    Do These 6 Things Today to Spark a Digital Influencer Romance

    If you Google “digital influencer strategy,” you’re going to find countless articles on why your brand should invest in an influencer strategy and the impact of influencer marketing on your campaign. You’ll find significantly fewer articles about why an influencer chooses to invest in a brand or the impact a brand could have on an influencer’s content strategy.

    I recently attended a session at the Destinations International Annual Convention in Montreal during which the significance of this knowledge gap was made clear. At this session, DCI shared its recent research which takes a step in the right direction to help those of us on the PR side marry what it is brands want from influencers with what these influencers want from brands.

    From this research and my own personal experience, I’ve noticed building influencer relationships is a lot like dating. Here are some actionable takeaways to spark an influencer romance today:


    Quality Over Quantity

    We can all agree that one really good date is a thousand times better than ten terrible ones. Think about it. The end goal is to incite the influencer’s followers to action…


    Bringing Home The Bacon: What Food Marketers Can Learn from Pork’s Success

    The continued growth of the pork industry has made it the envy of food marketers for decades, and, come 2017, it shows no signs of letting up.

    Pork sales climbed 20 percent over the past six years according to the Washington Post, and, by the end of 2018, U.S. farmers are expected to produce as much pork as beef – an unprecedented “score” for the industry. As of June 1, the nation’s hog and pig inventory – a reflection of global demand — was the highest on record.

    Clearly, there’s a lot the pork industry is doing right, and a lot we food marketers can learn from its example. Here are a few bits to chew on:

    Heed the herd – If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re familiar with the Pork Board’s “Other White Meat” campaign. What you may not know is that the highly successful, multi-decade campaign was born out of astute observations about meat sales and consumption trends.

    In the mid-80s, chicken consumption was growing rapidly, and pork’s share of the consumer’s plate was dropping. In 1987, experts predicted chicken would outplace pork…

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    5 Ways to Heat Up Your Brand’s Instagram Engagement This Summer

    Credit: Sporteluxe

    These days, people don’t take a summer vacation from social, Instagram especially. Often the opposite is sad, but true in the days of constant connectivity and curation. Have you seen the amount of ‘grams from every boat, pool and beach people can get their ridiculous inflatable floats to?

    So brands, if you think you can chill out this summer like you would by the pool, think again. Now is the time to heat things up!

    Here’s five simple ways to start …

  • Refresh your hashtags – just like you would for your summer wardrobe, things need to be swapped out. Take a look at what’s still relevant and don’t be afraid to tap into other hashtags, i.e. if your food-focused, it does not mean you can’t leverage more lifestyle hashtags for discovery. And remember, you can have up to 30. That’s right, 30 — so there’s room for testing out a few new ones.
  • More meaningful seek and respond – we’ve all done it, thumbed through a feed as we like most of the posts having to do with our product, but how about developing more than just a short summer
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    Game of Thrones: How HBO Fuels the Fire on Social

    Winter finally arrives this weekend in the much-anticipated seventh season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Even if you’re not a Thrones fan (shame), chances are you’ve heard of the world’s most popular show. Its complex character personas and layered plots rife with shock value have earned it a hungry cult following. Even during the show’s off-season, the internet can’t stop talking about it.

    HBO’s social media strategy has certainly helped online buzz surrounding Thrones spread like wildfire. Read on for a few examples of HBO’s brilliant social stunts.

  • A Facebook Live teaser quite literally consisting of fire and ice. Instead of the show’s usual spring debut, HBO announced in January that the season premiere would be delayed to accommodate the arrival of winter weather while shooting. To announce the series’ premiere date, HBO conducted a Facebook Live broadcast, using fire to melt a block of ice containing the date, asking users to comment “FIRE” or “DRACARYS” to reveal it. Though there were some technical difficulties with execution of the stunt, more than 162,000 people stuck around for reveal. And,