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How To Enjoy Craft Cider – Infographic

In our last blog post about craft cider, we shed light on the basics (Craft Cider 101). This fall, I challenge you to look over the rim of your tasting glass and experiment with artisan hard cider in cocktails and at dinner parties. For inspiration, visit one of fall’s many cider events, like Cider Week Virginia and New York.

As versatile as wine and beer, craft cider can hold its own on tasting menus and in cocktail glasses – shaken or stirred. Even better: Cider bars across the country are finally becoming a staple of America’s drink culture.

Here’s how and where to enjoy craft cider this season! Cheers.


Download the full infographic here. [Credit: PadillaCRT] 

About Laura Petrosky:

Hailing from Austria, Laura serves as an Account Supervisor for clients in the Consumer and Corporate Practices. Over the past ten years, Laura has provided expertise in public relations, social media strategy, marketing, event planning and account management for clients such as The Virginia Lottery, The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers and Wines from Rioja, Spain.

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  2.  by  Rachel

    Unfortunately, the infographic is wrong. I live in Chicago, less than 4 blocks from where The Northman should be, but isn’t. It was supposed to open over two years ago, and yet there is still no opening date. I wish it was one of the nation’s top cider bars! Maybe in another 5 years…

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