BuzzLine – Week 16 – Seniors Take to Twitter

The BuzzLine thanks AAE Alexsis Rodgers for this week’s contribution.

Let’s hear it for Scott Mackey who won last week’s BuzzLine for branding Starbucks’ new super speedy broadband access – “Internet speed like caffeine on caffeine.” Hope you enjoy a refreshing iced latte and a seamlessly streamed movie at a café sometime soon, Scott – our treat!

Hillary Clinton TweetsFor BuzzLine Week 16, let’s stay in the digital world, but think of Twitter … and seniors. Grandmas and grandpas across the country are the fastest adapters of social media nowadays. From Facebooking loved ones to flash mobbing on YouTube, folks over 65 are hopping on the social media train.

I mean, come on, how could they not after Hillary debuted her Twitter profile, describing herself (among other titles) as a hair icon, pantsuit aficionado and glass ceiling cracker?

While Hillary didn’t get too creative for her first tweet, let’s buzz off this week on Nana’s (or Papa’s) first six-word tweets. Perhaps:

  • @home making bacon & # for breakfast
  • Can #oomf dm me forever stamps?
  • #FF @DrOz @NextLifeNoKids

Make us laugh or wow us with seasoned wisdom, and you could win a Starbucks gift card. Now, off to the Twittersphere!

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About Christian Munson:

Christian Munson is an award-winning communications professional at Padilla.

6 Comments on “BuzzLine – Week 16 – Seniors Take to Twitter

  1.  by  Angello

    Hi Christian.

    I hope we wont see to many grandmas and grandpas taking over Facebook as this would mean some people will refrain themselves from posting stuff to the wall. Facebook was meant for friends and some family. Not for whole generation to spy on others.

    But Twitter – Twitter is different. More people in it – the better 😉

  2.  by  Leigh

    Interesting! I think it’s great that there’s some grandparents using Twitter. Keeps them sharp and feeling young!

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