BuzzLine: Hottest Month of the Year

coolDon’t try this “stay-cool” trick at home- it leads to cuts, bruises, and even chipped teeth!

It’s the hottest month of the year and people are coming up with some pretty strange ways of cooling off. With a large tarp, some environmentally friendly soap and endless buckets of water in hand, professional stunt group SuperTramp created a DIY slip-n-slide. What’s so dangerous about that you ask? Instead of a plastic pool at the end of the slide, these stunt performers slid off a 50-foot cliff and into the lake below.

The video, which took two days to film, shows members sliding off in slow motion in perfect form in everything from a cannonball to a back flop. The performers explained hitting the water felt like “when people take a box of fireworks and throw it at your back.” Other ways these stunt performers have tried to stay cool include creating the world’s most dangerous rope swing, tricycle racing and testing out hover boards in the water.

Although these options might be taking it to the extreme, I think we can all agree it’s time to come up with some easy (and safe) ways to cool off. My favorites:

  • Sit by the pool with margaritas
  • Stay inside with AC and read
  • Make use of the wind: sail

Put your six-word piece of advice for staying cool this month in the comments box below. The most creative idea will win you a $5 Starbucks gift card and, if you take your own advice, an innovative way to cool off this weekend (with an ice cold Starbucks drink in hand)!

About Melissa Mowery:

Melissa has a fresh perspective on the changing media environment. She complements this with her keen eye for strategic design and a passion for brand development. She is interested in the consumer and food and beverage practices and enjoys using all elements of the public relations industry to serve her clients. When not expressing her creativity in the professional world, she can be found pursuing her love of sailing and photography, with her black lab, Ellie, at her side.

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