6 Tips for Designing Killer Infographics

Remember when we talked about the 7 Tips to Creating a Perfect Infographic for your PR Campaign? You’ve got your story, you’ve got your stats and you’re excited to start sharing them on Facebook and Pinterest…right? How do you take all of this amazing information and display it in a way that is so visually amazing, that everyone will want to share it with their coworkers and friends?

Here’s how to take that info from drab to fab!


Download the graphic!

About Erin Hurley-Brown:

With over a decade of experience within the creative marketplace, Erin brings excellent cross-functional collaboration skills and has demonstrated the ability to achieve business results through the utilization of multiple electronic mediums. At PadillaCRT, Erin is dedicated to building creative strategies and delivering success for her clients. With her background in illustration and design, Erin brings a broad range of talent to the agency. Her work includes everything from creative concepts and strategy development, to designing marketing collateral and identity systems, and she has extensive experience with interactive.

3 Comments on “6 Tips for Designing Killer Infographics

  1.  by  Rachel Brown

    Hi Erin! I really enjoyed your quick and informational blog post and infographic. I am a pubic relations student at Penn State, and I am curious as a designer if there are any websites or programs that you would recommend to create an infographic. While I am capable of using Photoshop, I cannot say that I am an expert, so I am curious if as an experienced designer if there are any easy-to-use programs that you would approve of. I have used Piktochart before and I liked it, but I am curious to know what you think.

  2.  by  Anne Marusic

    Awesome article, thanks for the tips. Also curious of any app’s you’d recommend for creating pictographs/infographs.

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