Why American Airlines’ New Brand Really Isn’t

By Christian Munson










American Airlines’ new logo generated a lot of press about its “new” brand recently.

Don’t believe the hype!

AA’s graphic design and presentation has changed, and I love it.

The new symbol on the fuselage is a nice evolution of old to new, and the tail graphics definitely say AMERICAN Airlines in a way that would make Team America very proud.

Inside the fuselage, however, I expect the flying experience on American Airlines not to be so… evolved.

Where I typically sit (in the back with Del Griffith), it’s likely to remain cramped, crowded and cumbersome. Even on the 550 new planes American has coming to them.

It will likely still be a little hot (or cold) and sometimes unsettling. What is DRIPPING on me?

That, unfortunately, is the brand of most air travel; a commoditized, uncomfortable experience that leaves most carriers to compete solely on who offers the cheapest ticket.

New logos and paint schemes won’t change that. New ways of doing things at the gate and at 30,000 feet might.

About Christian Munson:

Christian Munson is an award-winning communications professional at Padilla.

2 Comments on “Why American Airlines’ New Brand Really Isn’t

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  2.  by  johnbech

    Yep, nice logo. Like you, I wish the flying experience were better. However, customers won’t pay for quality coach. Price is the only thing that matters when buying tickets. AA has outfitted cabins with quality – nicer seats with more space – but when they recalculate costs based on having 20 less seats, they can’t fill them. After losing $ for a while, they tear out the nice and replace with the “commoditized, uncomfortable experience”.

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