The BuzzLine – Week 5 – Fire Up the Grill

Congrats to our Week 4 winner, Traci Pryor! Her BuzzLine for cicada nourishment? “Pinacicadas…getting caught in the rain.” Is there a better way to sip a cicada? Traci, thanks for participating and look for your Starbucks card early next week.

With the long Memorial Day weekend coming up, let’s get right to Week 5.

As the nation pauses to remember those in the armed services who have fallen, millions also will kick off the summer season with belly flops, road trips and cookouts.

Quick, while you’re thinking about how good that burger (regular or veggie) will taste this weekend, buzz off on this:

What’s your best six-word rallying cry to gather family or friends around the grill this summer?

Put your six-word “call to cookout” in the comment section and check back frequently to see what you’re up against. We’ll announce a winner next Thursday. SBUX on US.

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Happy weekend.

Photo: wka via flickr

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16 Comments on “The BuzzLine – Week 5 – Fire Up the Grill

  1.  by  Kelsey Mohring

    Food’s ready, beer’s cold, sun’s out

  2.  by  Michael Whitlow

    My favorite barbeque sauce? Osterized Cicadas.

  3.  by  Sarah Smith

    Grillaxin…burgers, barbeque, beer, and besties!

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