Mind-blowing Gastronomy at Madrid Fusion

Last week I attended Madrid Fusion 2017, one of the leading gastronomy shows in the world, where internationally acclaimed chefs make presentations and discuss the future of food. The event featured gourmet foods and beverage products, ingredients, technologies, creative tableware and food service solutions. Each year Madrid Fusion grows in relevance and attendance, and this […]

Produce shopping behavior is leading to significant food waste

The quest for blemish-free produce is leading to an abundance of food waste. This is according to new research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency that suggests nearly half of all fruits and vegetables are being left in the fields to rot or tossed directly in the trash after harvest. A U.S. government tally showed […]

Navigating Hot Topic Terminology

What’s in a name? Or should I say, what’s in a claim? These days, American consumers are bringing a less-is-more attitude to the brands they engage with. Whether it’s an ingredient, term, claim, or process, we as humans are more cognizant about the environmental, bodily and (gasp!) marketing implications of our favorite products. People don’t […]

Are You Faux Real? Seeking Synthetic for the Sake of Sustainability

Think about the word “natural.” Doesn’t it conjure images of pristine waters, green leaves and crisp air? Mother Earth’s finest. The elements. Real, clean, green, beautiful. Now think about the word “real.” Isn’t the real thing authentic, genuine, factual and, dare I say, trustworthy? That from which “imitation” gets its name. No lying, no cheating, […]

5 Areas Impacting the Future of Food

In the Hartman Group’s Culture of Food 2015, one notable finding was how perception of “fresh” has evolved from “less processed” to transparency. Transparency is the new buzzword, and a natural evolution to our growing interest and understanding of our food systems. It used to be that everyone knew where their food came from…the grocery […]

Cradle to Grave Sustainability: With the new i3, is BMW ahead of or behind the curve?

As consumers increasingly make purchasing choices based on their values, in particular, environmental values, the idea of manufacturers reducing the environmental impact of their products from cradle to grave is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for many years. Consumer goods manufacturers are investing in upgrades to facilities to achieve LEED […]

10 Ways Whole Foods is Raising the Bar in #CSR

My love affair with Whole Foods started in college, when I would drive 20 minutes to their nearest store just so I could get my pick of the juiciest grapefruits, creamiest avocados and crunchiest granola in town. Since then, my fondness for the brand has only grown, and while this has a lot to do […]

Corporate Responsibility – Q&A with DuPont

DuPont’s Spruance plant just south of Richmond manufactures specialty fabrics and materials, such as Kevlar® (bullet-resistant) and Nomex® (flame-resistant) polyaramid fiber as well as Tyvek® spunbonded olefin. In April Governor McDonnell announced that the plant was a 2013 Gold Medalist in Virginia’s annual Environmental Excellence Awards. CRT/tanaka caught up with plant environmental manager Joe Loschiavo […]

8 Unique Ways to Go Green This Earth Day (and Beyond)

Wednesday, April 22, 1970, a day in history which marks the first “massive nationwide protest against the pollution of the environment.” Forty-three years later, the world again prepares to celebrate Earth Day. While the psychedelic days of the ‘70s may feel like “just yesterday” for some, Mother Earth begs to differ. Gone are the days […]