4 Tips for Using Volunteerism to Engage Employees: #Cookies4kids

We’ve heard the old adage “doing well, by doing good.” In our increasingly competitive business culture, it’s still refreshing to see companies offering volunteer opportunities for their employees to give back in the communities where they work and live. PadillaCRT is just such a company. “PadillaCRT employee-owners in offices from the West Coast to the […]

Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign and the Shift toward Pro-Social Brands

If you’ve been to a Starbucks in the past week, you may have seen something other than your name written on the side of your coffee. The company recently launched a new campaign encouraging baristas to write “#RaceTogether” on coffee cups in order to engage customers in discussions about race relations. While the sentiment behind […]

Thought Leadership as a Differentiator

Innovation, integrity and corporate responsibility are hallmarks of well-run businesses. Add in a dash of thought leadership, and a company may gain a distinct competitive advantage. According to Forbes’ Glenn Llopis, in Thought Leadership Is The New Strategy For Corporate Growth, thought leadership is about introducing new ways of thinking that will reinvent industries and […]

Movember Proves Cause Marketing Isn’t Just For Women

Is it just me, or have most of us been treating cause marketing as if it’s synonymous with women? If men are being ignored, it would seem to be for a reason. Let’s consider. Studies actually show that women are generally more attuned to cause marketing than men are. The Dynamics of Cause Engagement study […]

Is Sponsorship REALLY the Answer? (Ask These 5 Questions.)

According to IEG, sponsorships are the fastest growing form of marketing in the United States, and for good reason. When planned strategically and executed properly, sponsorships can help enhance your company’s image with a targeted audience, build and reinforce brand awareness, cultivate and strengthen relationships, drive sales and differentiate the company from its competitors. Sounds […]

3 Tips to Achieve Lofty Goals on a Shoestring Pro Bono Budget

Working on pro bono accounts is rewarding work. Not only do you feel good by doing good, but it can also positively affect your firm’s reputation. You can be sure that when you help others in need, people take notice. The most common pro bono work goes to nonprofits, as they usually need the most assistance. […]

Cradle to Grave Sustainability: With the new i3, is BMW ahead of or behind the curve?

As consumers increasingly make purchasing choices based on their values, in particular, environmental values, the idea of manufacturers reducing the environmental impact of their products from cradle to grave is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for many years. Consumer goods manufacturers are investing in upgrades to facilities to achieve LEED […]

On a Mission: 5 Steps to Making Your Company’s Social Mission Make a Difference

These days, it seems like everyone is on a mission. But it’s not just frustrated parents petitioning the local school board to reinstate education cuts or foodies encouraging their neighbors to join a local co-op and support locally sourced, organic produce. Companies are now getting into the mix by adding (or simply articulating) a social […]

The Power of Storytelling: Lessons Learned from CMF 2013

In the original Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, Wendy asks Peter why no one in Neverland grows up. And Peter replies, “Because we don’t know any stories.” With this anecdote, Andy Goodman – author, speaker and consultant in the field of public interest communications – memorably hit upon the overall theme of this year’s Cause […]

Corporate Responsibility – Q&A with DuPont

DuPont’s Spruance plant just south of Richmond manufactures specialty fabrics and materials, such as Kevlar® (bullet-resistant) and Nomex® (flame-resistant) polyaramid fiber as well as Tyvek® spunbonded olefin. In April Governor McDonnell announced that the plant was a 2013 Gold Medalist in Virginia’s annual Environmental Excellence Awards. CRT/tanaka caught up with plant environmental manager Joe Loschiavo […]