The End of “Mommy Blogs” As We Know Them

For so many years, mommy blogs have reigned supreme in the world of online journaling. Perhaps it’s because parenthood is one of the most all-encompassing thing that can happen in a person’s life, or maybe it’s because the internet helped new parents not feel so alone – regardless of why, blogging about children was one […]

Why Health Industry CEOs Should Blog

I recently read an article in a local business trade about what makes a CEO trustworthy to investors. The author told the story of how a woman without financial savvy inherited a portfolio from her father and, in conjunction with a financial advisor, gave a thumbs up or down based on reading the chief executive’s […]

Terminate the Robo-Writers

Striking out with media pitches? Blogging to the sound of crickets? Maybe your readers think you’re a robot. Robots, it seems, are infiltrating the ranks of real, live writers. A robot “wrote” (a rather rote) news story about a Los Angeles earthquake last spring. The content originator for the earthquake piece is a software algorithm […]

2014 Digital Trends: A Conversation with Mom it Forward

It’s no surprise that with the New Year comes even more opportunities for brands to grow in the digital space. To get a better understanding of what’s to be expected this year, I sat down with Mom it Forward, a leading social media community and worldwide network dedicated to enhancing the lives of women, their […]

The Brand-Blogger Dating Game: 4 Steps to Make it Simple

Playing the dating game can be rough, no doubt about it. But it doesn’t have to be, if you have a strategy for going about it. For most, you decide what type of relationship you’re looking for, determine the kind of partner that will suit you best, put yourself out there and meet potential mates, […]

5 Ways to Maximize the PR Pro-Blogger Relationship

How can bloggers best work with PR agencies? As PR professionals, the question we receive is usually posed the other way around, right? However, it was a question that was brought up throughout my recent experience at Camp Blogaway, “the original bootcamp for food and recipe bloggers.”  Bootcamp might be a strong word as it was held in […]

5 Reasons for Businesses to Blog in 2013

Though social media has become an integrated part of virtually all businesses and their communications strategies, it surprises me that some companies are still questioning the value of a blog. Here are 5 reasons for healthcare organizations to embrace this .