BBQ & Brews: Your Pairing Guide for National Barbecue Month

Mmmmmmm, can you smell it? There’s nothing quite like the savory aroma of food being cooked over a fire. Whenever someone in my neighborhood is cooking out, I immediately want to run over and chow down. Whether it’s chicken or steak or shrimp, or even a Fred Flintstone Brontosaurus burger, I’ll take it. And we […]

What Booze Marketers Should Know About the Mindfulness Movement

When in 2012 one of UVA’s most illustrious donors, Paul Tudor Jones, announced a $12 million gift to establish a Contemplative Sciences Center to foster “modern applications of contemplative thought,” people thought he was bonkers. Today, as the mindfulness movement seeps into more and more touchpoints in our lives, we’re realizing that Paul was not […]

Zombies, white walkers, gratuitous violence, and… great beer.

Trekkies everywhere have a reason to raise a glass: New York’s Shmaltz Brewing is planning to release three limited edition Star Trek beers this year, in addition to last year’s two releases that celebrated the franchise’s 50th anniversary. While last year’s releases were debuted (in true fantastic nerd fashion) at Comic Con in San Diego, […]

Brews with Views: 5 Must-Drink-At Mountain Breweries

Is it just me, or do snowflakes, icicles and sledding make you want to drink beer? There’s something about winter that screams let’s bundle up, trek through the snow and get ourselves to a brewery. (Okay, I am a year-round beer drinker so MAYBE I feel this way every day.) Regardless, isn’t the perfect way […]

2016 – The Buzz Bin Year In Review

We survived 2016! It was a wild, strange and perplexing year filled with politics, social issues, the Olympics, celebrities, food, craft beer and wine, and of course emails – so much talk about emails. Before we get too far into 2017, The Buzz Bin editors wanted to revisit a few of our most popular posts […]

Health, Wellness and….Booze?

It’s no secret that health and wellness themes are increasingly a topic of mainstream discussion. Whether it’s the cover of Time magazine or Oprah’s partnership with Deepak Chopra and Weight Watchers, these themes are cropping up in myriad ways. Embracing a holistic health mindset is becoming popularized – it’s no longer just for the “alternative” […]

Halloween 2016: Trick or Booze

Good ol’ October… the most magical time of the year for costume enthusiasts, candy enthusiasts (a.k.a everybody) and, unfortunately for 2016, creepy clowns. If Halloween is your thing, and you’re a booze aficionado, alcohol with a spooky slant should make an appearance during your celebrations. And if Halloween’s not your thing, booze can certainly help […]

Sweet, Sour and Savory: 8 Fruity Beers to Please Your Palette

When you think of kicking back and relaxing with a delicious, cold craft beer, “fruit” most likely, is not the first word that comes to mind. However, if you’ve been testing out the craft beer scene this summer, you know that fruit-infused beers are HOT. Although summer is winding down, rest assured, fruit beers are […]

Telling the Tale: Two Beverage Brands That Get it Right

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever, with ever-increasing access to their favorite brands via social media. Marketers are tasked with identifying their target customer and developing a strategy that tells the authentic story of their brand. From gender-specific marketing to retelling a historic tale of an iconic brand, below are two examples of beverage brands that […]

The 5 Best Summer Brand Campaigns of 2016

Click. Shhhft. Ahhh. Now that’s the sound of summer. Whether it’s a beer, soda, seltzer or water, that sound evokes a sense of ease in the dead of summer. The same can be said for a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream or a cool bite from a refreshing salad on a hot, sunny day. […]