Our Purpose: Helping You Achieve Yours

PadillaCRT_icon_f04100_redValuable brands have one thing in common: they take us to a place beyond products, pricing, promotions, processes and even people. Yes, they deliver on these attributes. But they also tie themselves to deeply held convictions. Their every interaction is an expression of brand strength.

At PadillaCRT, we are building a brand that is respected by our clients and our communities, anchored not in products and services, but in the convictions and values that set us apart.

Every agency will tell you it does media relations, marketing communications, brand strategy, event planning, crisis management, creative design, digital solutions and all of the other tools and tactics of our trade.  We do, too — and to great effect, as our awards and case studies testify.

But we don’t believe that’s enough anymore. After all, carpenters aren’t defined by the tools they use; they’re defined by the things they build. So what are we building at PadillaCRT?

A bigger tool shed, so we can deliver all the expertise that’s needed for the absolute best solution to a client’s problem or opportunity.

A commitment to growing the influence of brands beyond the “Likes” and “Shares” that often pass for success.

More conversations about who our clients are and what they can become, vs. who they want to reach and what media plan to buy.

Every day, each of us has a choice. We can stagnate, or we can grasp our purpose and push, with unrelenting commitment, toward the reality we envision. We choose the latter for ourselves and our clients every day.

At PadillaCRT, our purpose is helping you achieve yours.

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CEO, PadillaCRT


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About Lynn Casey:

Lynn’s reputation for creating successful brand-building programs grows from her ability to listen, to strategize and to shoot straight. She works with PadillaCRT clients in a variety of industries and is only the third chief executive officer to lead our employee-owned firm since its founding in 1961.

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