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Kittens Bring a Social Media Element to Print Releases

The results are in from the new CRT/tanaka Media Engagement Survey, and the findings reinforce the popular opinion that social media is increasing in dominance.

The study showed that traditional print press releases had much higher appeal when fused with popular social media themes. Categories like baby animals, amateur dancing and babies ranked highest in the survey, followed by car crashes and lip-synching of Lady Gaga songs.

“What the study clearly shows is that savvy marketers who attach pictures of social media subjects to their press releases can increase earned media exposure by up to 37 percent,” said Patrice Raper, an analyst for the company. “In cases where the photo was embedded toward the middle of the release, we saw results as high as 43 percent,” Raper continued.

Media representatives appeared to confirm the results. “Have you ever gone through a stack of print press releases?” asked Armond Smyth of the New York Tribune. “It’s a tedious task, but when you see a little bunny, or a cute baby acting up, it cuts right through the clutter,” said Smyth.

CRT/tanaka officials say a white paper on the subject will be released as soon as they brand the phenomenon and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to share with trade groups.

About Petey Morton:

Petey Morton has over 5 years of experience in various topics including public and media relations, crisis communications, growling at inanimate objects and looking under desks for crumbs of food. He currently serves as a morale booster and company culture consultant and expert for CRT/tanaka employees, clients and partners. He specializes in delivering game changing media relations ideas through telepathy and playing tug of war with an old bone. He received BA's in "Lawn Play" and "Leftover Pizza" from the University of Virginia.

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