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Combining Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media for Sweet Success

Last year was our first foray into digital marketing for Sunshine Sweet Corn. We saw some excellent results with our efforts, won some awards for our work and our client sold a ton of Sweet Corn. Based on that success we knew that digital would continue to deliver solid results. We continued down the digital road this year and below is our story. (For more background info on challenges and goals for Sunshine Sweet Corn, check out last year’s post.)

Paid Media

Focus: Google AdWords & Bing Advertising
Strategy: Our focus was on Google but we experimented with Bing this year to hopefully offset some of our higher CPC terms. All in all we didn’t go after many broad match terms as we wanted to keep a pretty dialed in approach to our PPC ads.

Earned Media

Focus: Blogger Relations
Strategy: Network the sites recipes and useful content to raise awareness, referral traffic and raise our site’s authority.

Shared Media

Focus: Pinterest
Strategy: Deploy a pinterest contest and network our Pinterest friendly site and recipes with top influencers.


Owned/Earned Media

Focus: Google Organic Search
Strategy: Ensure that the site was still keyword relevant, mobile friendly and in good “SEO health.”

Year Over Year Results


About Jason Poulos:

Jason Poulos is a PadillaCRT and Buzz Bin alumus. With a degree in communications design from VCU as well as experience in web development and digital marketing, Jason brought a unique blend of assets to PadillaCRT. In 2012 Jason helped win four awards for his SEO work on

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