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Amazon and Facebook: The Next Leaders in Sports Viewing

From The United States Air Force Academy

Whether they like it or not, broadcast is handing off sports viewing to streaming services. Photo credit: The United States Air Force Academy.

When we look into the future, magic ball of sports viewing, what do we see?

Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and streaming services (Netflix, Amazon) are rejoicing, while cable and broadcast channels like ESPN, FOX Sports and NBC are wallowing in their fallen greatness.

Streaming has changed the game in how viewers consume content. As of now, the effect has been minimal on sports viewing, as most fans prefer live coverage, but that is soon to change. Broadcast entities like NBC and CBS will now have to compete with a growing number of streaming services and social media platforms for sports rights. These are properties that broadcasters are ill-prepared to lose, as live sporting events offer the highest return on advertising. As simple economics teaches us, a rise in demand will raise the price. All sports leagues, conferences and organizations should benefit from the streaming development.

A great example is Amazon. Starting in week four of the NFL season, Amazon…

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Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat TV

Gone are the days of only using Snapchat to send embarrassing photos/videos to friends (that you hope disappear faster than they can screenshot them.) Now the platform is stepping up to prove its relevancy and expand capabilities in hopes of keeping users entertained and engaged in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Jimmy Fallon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Snapchat’s “shows” have existed on the platform for just over a year and allow TV networks and news outlets to condense long-form broadcast/print news into short-form videos streamed directly in the app. According to a Snap Inc. spokeswoman, “shows are an extension of traditional TV, not a replacement for it. Shows can help TV networks reach a new audience who many not be watching their linear programs. Building a core, loyal audience for our TV partners is critical to building their brand equity and a long-term, sustainable model for producing mobile TV.”

If you aren’t a Snapchat user, or haven’t yet discovered these “shows”, listen up, because this is where you can get up to speed on the latest innovations with this not-just-social network.

  • Snapchat shows are meant to be short-form videos that cater to smaller attention spans


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Data Propelling Social and Digital Measurement and Spend

Influencers and content. I feel like I’ve been recently discussing them more than ever before. There is greater competition to be noticed, and seismic shifts in reaching consumers. What used to be limited to press releases and journalists, or advertisements and media plans, has expanded into a web of paths.

With the myriad of options, data becomes increasingly important in determining the right channels. The good news is that the possibilities are greater than ever. One recent report showed the impact influencers can have on coupon redemption, and even store traffic. More good news, brands now have greater tools to measure their own programs.

Amazon has evolved its popular affiliate program where you can be rewarded for driving traffic that results in sales to an invite-only influencer program for some of social’s biggest and most engaging stars. While the product selection is left by Amazon to the influencer, there is nothing keeping brands from working with the influencers. At least they will have the data to help measure the value of the partnership.


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3 Tips for Building Relationships with Freelancers

The traditional media landscape has decreased over the last few years and the trend shows no signs of slowing. In 2015, the number of journalists in the newspaper industry declined 38 percent, leaving employed journalists doing more with less resources and making it increasingly difficult to place stories in media outlets.

The newsroom shrinkage is driving a growing pool of unemployed writing talent.  A sizeable number of journalists are either unemployed, under-employed or working in a different field. Many have turned to freelancer and contributor roles. In 2017, PR professionals see expanded use of freelancers (or contributors) within media outlets. Establishing working relationships with freelancers is imperative for story placement.

Here are three tips to help build a solid relationship with a freelancer:

  • As a freelancer, writers are focused on building their portfolio, proving experience and viability across a variety of formats (digital, magazine, newspaper) and genres (news, lifestyle, feature). They are actively networking and looking to build connections that can lead to future work. Reach out to freelancers with information about events that are open to the media and where they might meet editors and make
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    Do These 6 Things Today to Spark a Digital Influencer Romance

    If you Google “digital influencer strategy,” you’re going to find countless articles on why your brand should invest in an influencer strategy and the impact of influencer marketing on your campaign. You’ll find significantly fewer articles about why an influencer chooses to invest in a brand or the impact a brand could have on an influencer’s content strategy.

    I recently attended a session at the Destinations International Annual Convention in Montreal during which the significance of this knowledge gap was made clear. At this session, DCI shared its recent research which takes a step in the right direction to help those of us on the PR side marry what it is brands want from influencers with what these influencers want from brands.

    From this research and my own personal experience, I’ve noticed building influencer relationships is a lot like dating. Here are some actionable takeaways to spark an influencer romance today:


    Quality Over Quantity

    We can all agree that one really good date is a thousand times better than ten terrible ones. Think about it. The end goal is to incite the influencer’s followers to action…

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    5 Ways to Heat Up Your Brand’s Instagram Engagement This Summer

    Credit: Sporteluxe

    These days, people don’t take a summer vacation from social, Instagram especially. Often the opposite is sad, but true in the days of constant connectivity and curation. Have you seen the amount of ‘grams from every boat, pool and beach people can get their ridiculous inflatable floats to?

    So brands, if you think you can chill out this summer like you would by the pool, think again. Now is the time to heat things up!

    Here’s five simple ways to start …

  • Refresh your hashtags – just like you would for your summer wardrobe, things need to be swapped out. Take a look at what’s still relevant and don’t be afraid to tap into other hashtags, i.e. if your food-focused, it does not mean you can’t leverage more lifestyle hashtags for discovery. And remember, you can have up to 30. That’s right, 30 — so there’s room for testing out a few new ones.
  • More meaningful seek and respond – we’ve all done it, thumbed through a feed as we like most of the posts having to do with our product, but how about developing more than just a short summer
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    Game of Thrones: How HBO Fuels the Fire on Social

    Winter finally arrives this weekend in the much-anticipated seventh season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Even if you’re not a Thrones fan (shame), chances are you’ve heard of the world’s most popular show. Its complex character personas and layered plots rife with shock value have earned it a hungry cult following. Even during the show’s off-season, the internet can’t stop talking about it.

    HBO’s social media strategy has certainly helped online buzz surrounding Thrones spread like wildfire. Read on for a few examples of HBO’s brilliant social stunts.

  • A Facebook Live teaser quite literally consisting of fire and ice. Instead of the show’s usual spring debut, HBO announced in January that the season premiere would be delayed to accommodate the arrival of winter weather while shooting. To announce the series’ premiere date, HBO conducted a Facebook Live broadcast, using fire to melt a block of ice containing the date, asking users to comment “FIRE” or “DRACARYS” to reveal it. Though there were some technical difficulties with execution of the stunt, more than 162,000 people stuck around for reveal. And,
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    The GIF: 30, Flirty and Thriving

    via GIPHY

    Ah, the GIF. In a world where the typed word has long reigned, the GIF has made a steady ascension, inviting us to take virtual self-expression to the next level with digital animation. Thirty years ago this month, Steve Wilhite invented the GIF (pronounced “jif,” despite linguistic arguments), or Graphics Interchange Format. And internet culture hasn’t been the same since.

    As Amy O’Leary wrote in The New York Times, the GIF has indeed “attained celebrity status in a sea of lesser-known BMPs, RIPs, FIGs and MIFFs.” From digital art to moments in film, politics and pop culture, there’s not much these days that hasn’t been packaged into this file format and shared with the masses.

    Here’s a short and clever video on the history of GIFs:

    In case you hadn’t noticed, we are living in the Age of the GIF with 63% of Americans as GIF users – and 20% can’t get enough of them.1 As technology continues to evolve and our goldfish-like attention spans become even narrower, the GIF enables us to quickly share emotion or information in one packaged visual.

    Feeling leery over the current state of…

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    From Farm to Fork, Thanks to Technology

    Farm to fork… heritage… organic… these buzz words have been hitting the grocery store shelves in force for years now. Along with this trend, there is a growing desire to understand more about where our food comes from. According to the 2016 Nielsen Global Ingredient and Dining-Out Trends Report:

    • Consumers are adopting a back-to-basics mind-set, focusing on simple ingredients and fewer processed foods. More than half of consumers say they’re avoiding artificial ingredients, hormones or antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and bisphenol A (BPA).
    • Seventy-three percent agree that they feel more positively about companies that are transparent about where and how products were made, raised or grown.

    A few innovative companies are tapping into this desire to give consumers exactly what they want. That’s great PR from the ground up. Check out what these three trend-setters are doing:

    • SVO’s Farmer Focus Chicken – This chicken has a Farm ID on every single pack. Head to their website, and enter the Farm ID to see the exact farm your chicken came from. Now THAT is farm to fork. The fast-growing

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    The Rise of Digital Products

    The author of this Buzz Bin post, Joel Erb, is founder of INM United. Padilla acquired the digital strategy and development firm based in Richmond, Virginia. (From left to right: Joel Erb, Adam Hake, Nishiki Liu, Paul Venuto, Luke Stoutenburg, Matt Crom. Photo by Lee Khleang/Padilla. )

    Over the past 19 years that I’ve been in the digital arena at INM United, much has changed. We’ve moved from internet access available by way of “dial-up” modems, to constant access through a device as small as a Pop-Tart in our pockets. With this advancement, so have the demands on how brands harness technology both internally and externally changed.

    The corporate website is most certainly still a critical way to engage with our stakeholders. However, with so many “off-the-shelf” solutions available to brands, the role of the digital agency has evolved. It’s shifted to how we can leverage technology to solve complex business problems and how we use technology as not just a marketing tool, but as a critical part of a brand’s success.

    Digital products are now an essential part of the technology “toolbox” that must be considered. What is a digital product? They…