BuzzLine: What’s Your Utopia?

utopiaUtopia – an imagined world where everything is perfect. It may be impossible to achieve, but it sure is thrilling to think about a society where relaxing is a day job, chocolate doesn’t make you fat and everybody is happy. Well, maybe that’s just my version of Utopia, but that’s exactly the point. Everyone imagines a different way to achieve the “perfect society.”

This fall, Fox is debuting a new reality TV show, Utopia, where ordinary people will spend a year creating a community together based on their perceptions of a perfect society. With characters ranging from the most religious to strict atheists, to partiers and scholars, it seems like a recipe for total chaos. But I can’t say it doesn’t sound intriguing.

Since we won’t know the fate of their so-called “Utopian” society for at least a year, we want to know, in exactly six words, what is your version of a perfect world?

For me, it’s:

  • Utopia: Netflix, wine, beaches and sunshine.


  • Society full of puppies and pizzas

Leave the six-word description of your Utopia and you could be the lucky winner of a $5 Starbucks gift card. It won’t help create your perfect society, but it will buy you a cup of coffee and coffee makes everything better.

About Melissa Mowery:

Melissa has a fresh perspective on the changing media environment. She complements this with her keen eye for strategic design and a passion for brand development. She is interested in the consumer and food and beverage practices and enjoys using all elements of the public relations industry to serve her clients. When not expressing her creativity in the professional world, she can be found pursuing her love of sailing and photography, with her black lab, Ellie, at her side.

11 Comments on “BuzzLine: What’s Your Utopia?

  1.  by  Cathie Max

    Oma’s Cooking, actively fit, mentally righteous.

  2.  by  Laura Osberger

    In no particular order:
    Beaches, wine, pets, music, and framily

    •  by  Cathie Max

      Was that an intentional way to say framily plan by Sprint? Getting a BIG idea across with one type-o? Good thinking!

  3.  by  Judy Musa

    family/friends, health/well-being, travel, reading, wine, sunrises

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