BuzzLine – Week 15 – Triple Shot of Broadband

Welcome to the BuzzLine, PR and marketing’s favorite way to wrap up the work week. (Before happy hour, anyway.) BuzzLine presents a current news story and asks participants to creatively “add value” with a six-word comment.

Perhaps it’s six-words of parenting advice to the expectant Kate Middleton. Or, a six-word subtitle to the planned Sharknado sequel. (Congrats Dave Hooper for winning that one last week!)

Comments are judged here at CRT/tanaka by our panel of experts, and the winner gets a Starbucks gift card. Not always easy, but most always fun. Speaking of Starbucks… let’s stay with the coffee behemoth this week.

Photo Credit: Flickr User Lloyd DewolfDid you see the story about Starbucks and Google partnering to bring super-fast free wireless internet to every Starbucks in the country? More than 7,000 of them. For some, the wireless speeds will be 100 times faster than the current free service AT&T provides.

For a $5 gift certificate to Starbucks and some bookin’ Facebook, tell us how you’d promote Starbucks’ Wi-Fi hopped up on Google. (In six words.) Maybe…

  • Faster than bowel moves after Americano?
  • Slackers and hackers welcome all day?

Points if you make us laugh. No points if you use the word “leverage.”


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About Christian Munson:

Christian Munson is an award-winning communications professional at Padilla.

15 Comments on “BuzzLine – Week 15 – Triple Shot of Broadband

  1.  by  Nikki Parrotte

    Faster than you can say “frappuccino”

    (Or spell it, for that matter)

  2.  by  Scott Mackey

    Internet speed like caffeine on caffeine.

    Internet served up at slurp speed.

  3.  by  charlie Accola

    (Starbucks)Where triple espresso meets lightning speed

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