BuzzLine: Dear, Teenage Self

Dear, Teenage Timberlake: xoxo

Our teen years: that awkward phase between being treated as a child and gaining responsibilities like an adult. Not to mention all the fun of puberty, your first date and those “fashion-forward” clothes you still can’t believe you actually wore. Thankfully we can all relax knowing those years are far behind us…or are they?

A big thanks goes to MySpace this month for bringing back all those dreaded pictures we thought were lost forever. In an attempt to increase user logins and the website’s relevancy, MySpace e-mailed users one or two pictures from their old profiles to remind them of the good ol’ days…and by good, I mean embarrassing.

So in response to MySpace’s newest user engagement outreach, we want to know, in exactly six words, what would you tell your teenage self if you had the chance?

For example:

  • Relax – college will be here soon
  • Stop posting all your pictures online
  • Sigh… Mom really does know best

Leave your six words of advice in the comment section below for the chance to win a $5 Starbucks gift card. It won’t make the pictures go away, but just maybe it’ll keep your mind sharp (and caffeinated) enough to refrain from making the same life (and fashion) choices you did years ago.

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  1.  by  Vish M.

    Peace sign pictures are not creative.

    (Seriously though, too many!)

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