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3 Tips to Promoting Booze Health Benefits without a PR Hangover

Bad PR Hangover

I love science, especially when research findings justify my self-prescribed glass of wine after a long day. So far, 2013 has not disappointed with new studies on the health benefits of wine. In February, the New England Journal of Medicine announced that roughly 30 percent of heart disease-related deaths can be prevented by switching to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans … and seven (!) glasses of wine per week. It gets better! Researchers from Detroit discovered resveratrol in red wine isn’t just good for your heart, but may also prevent hearing loss. It seems that an apple a glass of wine a day does, in fact, keep the doctor away. Beer drinkers have reason to celebrate, too. Researchers at Granada University in Spain found beer can help the body rehydrate after a workout better than water or Gatorade. Cheers to that!

With all this great news for wine and beer lovers, how do you communicate these health benefits without waking up with a major PR hangover the morning after?

1. Use humor: A sense of levity in your news signals to people that you are not taking yourself too seriously and also not trying to sell health findings at face value. In the age of memes and Bluntcards, interesting content communicated amusingly gives you a shot of going viral on Facebook and Twitter.


2. Use moderation: This is a no-brainer, but be sure to deliver the important message point about moderation and responsible consumption when linking your beverage client to health benefits. The moderation message is a good rule of thumb for other industries – tanning, for example.


3. Let others do the talking: Every once in a while (or lately, at least once a month), a very reputable organization such as The New England Journal of Medicine releases new research findings that potentially benefit your client. These scientific findings spread in the news like wildfire because the reputation of these scientific institutions is impeccable. Sometimes it’s best to let others (aka the scientists) do the talking and sit back as a brand. Consumers will hear the message loud and clear and connect the dots the next time they are shopping for a bottle of vino.


[Image credits: Writer Unboxed, Very Hilarious, HLN, My 10 Online]

About Laura Petrosky:

Hailing from Austria, Laura serves as an Account Supervisor for clients in the Consumer and Corporate Practices. Over the past ten years, Laura has provided expertise in public relations, social media strategy, marketing, event planning and account management for clients such as The Virginia Lottery, The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers and Wines from Rioja, Spain.

7 Comments on “3 Tips to Promoting Booze Health Benefits without a PR Hangover

  1.  by  Viviana

    This is great news, now I don’t feel so bad about cooling down after a run with a frozen Sixpoint.

  2.  by  Jessica Hamel

    What great tips, Laura! I recently created an infographic sharing the benefits of red wine and stumbled across these questions myself. Thanks for the insight. It was also great to read about the additional benefits of resveratrol. I look forward to reading more about how to address situations like this in the future.

  3.  by  Carly Fortunato

    Laura, great article! The news that beer and wine (I would consider myself a lover of both!) have health benefits is exciting to read. I also appreciate the tips posted toward the end. I definitely enjoy any article that uses a bit of humor in their message. Humor is engaging, and when used in moderation, makes a post more memorable. As someone new to the PR world, I appreciate any tips! Thank you for this post!

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